Сегодня я немного поиграл с cedar-14 и Dart buildpack и был удивлен, как легко теперь можно размещать приложения на Dart на Heroku.



Новый плагин для Redstone.dart доступен на pub: redstone_web_socket.



One of the questions I get most often is how to implement security constraints with Redstone.dart. Some time ago, I've published a simple example that illustrates how the Redstone.dart API can be used to implement authentication and authorization. In this post, I'll explain this example in details.



Accessing a database is problably the most common task of any web application. Nevertheless, a poor database connection management is also one of the most common source of problems you can find in a server, like slowness, freezes and crashs. In this post, I'll show some techiniques you can use to properly manage database connections using Redstone.dart.



Hey everyone! Welcome to the new Redstone.dart blog :)

Recently, I've received a lot of feedback and questions about Redstone through many different channels, such as github, google plus, hangouts, e-mail and so on. It's really cool to see other developers excited about this project, but I've just realized that we need a proper place to discuss about it.

So, to fix this issue, I've created a mailing list for us:


If you have questions, or want to give some feedback about the project, don't hesitate to join the group and send us a message. Although, if you find a bug, or want to contribute some code, please file an issue at our GitHub page.